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daily dose

i am sleeping on the bus when i suddenly wake up, look around, and find myself staring at that familiar mermaid image.  you know, the one in the green circle? yeah that’s right and all of a sudden all i can think of is how much i need to have that tall white chocolate mocha in my hands before i get to my first class.  i imagined walking into that small coffee shop, listening to the sound of the barista working the latte machines, hearing the orders of tall caramel machiatos, grande non fat lattes, expressos and many more of the sort and suddenly found myself waking my sister up and asking her to get off at the laurier stop, instead of the campus stop.

we walked into the campus coffee shop and immediately take our place in line - still half asleep from sleeping on the bus just minutes before.  i stumbled to tell the cashier what i wanted, vaguely remembering that i paid with my debit card because i didn’t have any cash.  i walked to the bar and waited for my order.  once that tall gourmet coffee was in my hands, i felt instantly more awake after the first sip of the mouthwatering coffee.

that is the power of starbucks.  i can honestly tell you that it is not much better than a large french vanilla capuccino from tim hortons but there is something more enticing about the idea that you are purchasing european coffee.  almost four dollars wasted every time i enter that coffee shop, and that is before i’ve even bought any food.  ridiculously overpriced and yet, every one on campus is drinking it

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